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CRN Industry Breakfast yesterday took a look at the #NCOSS Election Platform for the upcoming State Election. Joanne Quilty CEO of NCOSS outlined the Election platform, which is "NO CHILD IN POVERTY".

CRN provided handout of the Election Policy Tracker which summaries the position of all the parties on the Election Platform issues.

Present to give their frank views were the Hon Stephen Bali State Member for Blacktown and Mayor of Blacktown City Council Damien Atkins - Greens Candidate for Blacktown & Federal Seat of Greenway. Durga Owens Labor candidate for Seven Hills.
Apologies from the Liberals candidate for Blacktown due to short notice.

A number of key questions put to the candidates will be summarised and distributed through CRN Email Distribution Network. (subscribe at

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Second National Summit on Dowry Abuse gets underway. #dfv #dowry #humanrights ...

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CRN Industry Breakfast 2019 - ...

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CRN actively represents local community organisations by acting in advisory roles, participating on grant committees, writing submissions and enquiries to all levels of government, involvement in advocacy work, and providing input at consultations and policy forums.

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