What We Do

CRN’s work can be categorised into 4 key areas that depict what we do – Representation, Capacity Building, Connection and Information & Resources.

What We Do


CRN plays an active role in building connected communities through the ongoing support of local interagencies, facilitating partnerships, collaborations and networks, providing an email distribution service, making referrals and engaging in online communication.


CRN actively represents local community organisations by acting in advisory roles, participating on grant committees, writing submissions and enquiries to all levels of government, involvement in advocacy work, and providing input at consultations and policy forums.

Information & Resources

CRN develops, distributes and makes available information and resources that are relevant to community workers such as updating local agency contact lists, disseminating sector news and information, developing an interagency database and providing information referral.

Capacity Building

In order to strengthen the local community, CRN supports organisations and individuals in their work by coordinating relevant training, workshops and presentations, providing mentoring and support, facilitating planning sessions and developing research and reports.